Sermon to the Church


You’ve done wrong.

Yes, you try to be good, but unfortunately it doesn’t work.

Somehow, throughout history, you ended up aligning yourself with the rich and powerful of the world. You joined them and now you belong to them. You have become a huge institution with a lot of power and money. Now you have a great influence on the people who follow you and can manipulate them, which you also like to do.

You designed a morality for people that they obviously can’t and shouldn’t live up to. In order to live up to your moral standards, people have been suppressing parts of their personality for centuries, which clearly is not working. From this follow perversion of sexuality, prostitution and pornography, not to mention violence. Be sure to check out the very amazing report “the big red son” on an annual porn fair in the US by David Foster Wallace. It’s so unbelievable, (hahaha  🙂 ) like Dante’s Inferno – piece of cake in comparison.

Your halls smell of death. That is probably also the reason why anyone still visits you at all – the fear of death. Yes, you made a good business model out of it.

Predigt an die Kirche, Eitempera/Nessel, 150x190cm, gegenständliche Malerei, dezember 2020, neuesete bilder
Predigt an die Kirche, Eitempera/Nessel, 150x190cm

But it’s not too late, Church. You can turn back (you probably won’t, but never mind)

You just have to heed the following steps:

  1. Give away all your money and possessions ( yes i know it sounds crazy 🙂 )
  2. Actually follows from the first step, just give up control and power.
  3. Repent, repent and repent, meticulously address the wrongs you have done to others. Give yourself plenty of time for this. You have a lot to regret.

When that’s done, you’re guaranteed to be a whole new church. You will feel totally relieved, all burdens will fall off you. And who knows, maybe then a space for spiritual experiences will be opened. However, I can’t promise. But definitely not before that, I can tell you that much.